Sun Belt Heavy Haulers: Trucking / Hauling Company

Do you need a reliable heavy hauling trucking company to help you transport a large piece of equipment, a vehicle, or another oversized load to its final destination? If so, then you have come to the right place, as Sun Belt Heavy Haulers specializes in hauling just about anything that is oversized, overweight, or over height.

For more than a decade now, Sun Belt Heavy Haulers has worked tirelessly to establish ourselves as one of the most trustworthy and efficient hauling trucking companies in the entire country. We have done it by going above and beyond our customers’ specific needs. Regardless of how large of a load you are trying to move, we guarantee that we will be able to move it.

We have truck/trailer combinations that have anywhere from 5 to 13 axles, and some also come equipped with extremely low decks, perimeter decks, and heavy haul flat decks that are specifically designed to hold extra weight or width.

Additionally, we have expert experienced drivers working for us who know exactly how to drive with a large load on their trailer. From large equipment that is not easily transportable to other unique types of loads, we will safely and efficiently fulfill your load transportation needs at affordable prices, and we will ensure your cargo when it’s on board with us.

When you select a heavy haul trucking company, you want to find one that has the experience, the equipment, and the reputation to get the job done for you. Sun Belt Heavy Haulers has all three of these things and would love to get the opportunity to work with you in order to satisfy your heavy hauling needs.

We travel to all 48 states in the continental U.S. and Canada, and we work with both commercial companies and individuals looking to complete heavy hauling.

To find out more about Sun Belt Heavy Haulers or to schedule a shipment, call us at 601-835-7408 or 601-757-9825 today.