Oversize Load Trucking Services

Sun Belt Heavy Haulers is a flatbed trucking company based in Mississippi that specializes in providing commercial companies and individuals with a range of different shipping services. Specifically, we offer shipping those who are interested in shipping very large and/or heavy items.

From construction equipment to pre-assembled homes to oversized piping, we can ship just about anything for you safely and efficiently.

We have a fleet full of trucks and trailers that vary from 5 to 13 axle combinations, and we employ the best drivers in the country to get loads where they need to be in the continental U.S. and Canada.

When you call on Sun Belt Heavy Haulers, we can provide four main services. We can set you up with oversized hauling if you have a particularly large item that needs to be shipped. We can also offer you overweight hauling for heavy items.

Additionally, we have over dimension hauling for items that will present logistical problems during shipping. Moreover, our hotshot service is ideal for anyone looking to have something shipped right away. We are able to use our smaller trucks and trailers to ship items as quickly as possible with this particular service.

Are you unsure of which service would be most beneficial to you?

At Sun Belt Heavy Haulers, we know that trying to ship unusually heavy or large items can feel like a nightmare. Nevertheless, when you work with us, we will take care of everything.

From pulling the proper permits to ship your item to finding the right driver for your specific shipment to insuring your cargo for up to $2 million, we have it all covered. It won’t take you long to see why people have been coming to us for their heavy hauling needs for more than a decade now.

Learn more about the services offered by Sun Belt Heavy Haulers by checking out our detailed service pages or by calling us at 601-835-7408 today.