Things to Keep in Mind About Oversized Loads

Oversized HaulsShipping an oversized load across town, across state, or even across country can be a logistical nightmare. Before you do it, you should learn about the rules and regulations concerning oversized loads. You should also consider working with a company that knows how to ship oversized loads safely. Here are just a few of the things you’ll need to keep in mind when you do it.

Is my oversized load larger than the legal limit?

You aren’t allowed to just ship anything you can place on the back of a flatbed truck. Each state has a very specific set of rules regarding the legal limit of an oversized load. In general, anything wider than 8.5 feet is usually considered oversized. However, you should check with the states in which you plan on traveling to see what constitutes oversized before you make any assumptions. You could end up paying the price for it if you choose not to.

Do I need a travel escort to accompany my oversized load?

In most states across the country, you will need to send a travel escort to accompany any oversized load that is wider than 12 feet. This escort will help you ship your load safely by keeping in touch with your truck driver about accidents, traffic, and more. The escort will also let other drivers know that an oversized load is coming down the road. Some states won’t allow trucks with escorts to drive at night or on certain holidays and weekends.

How should I mark my oversized load to comply with the law?

In addition to providing a travel escort for your oversized load, you will also need to make sure the load is marked properly when it begins its journey. Red flags and amber lights usually have to be placed on trucks carrying oversized loads. This is to ensure that other drivers see them. Travel escorts are also usually required to have markings on them to let others know they’re with the oversized load.

Shipping an oversized load is no easy task. If you need to do it, you should work with Sun Belt Heavy Haulers for all of your oversized load needs. Call us at 601-835-7408 to use our shipping services.

Oversized Loads